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Cotton picking campaign started in Turkmenistan on September 11. An important agricultural campaign was launched in Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary regios. Taking into account the soil and climatic...
Important agricultural campaign has started simultaneously in all velayats of the country. according to good national traditions, the beginning of the sowing was blessed by the elders. Having...
In accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan, land plots are assigned to the citizens of Turkmenistan for: maintaining household in rural areas - agricultural irrigated land; constructing...
This year’s cotton harvest in Turkmenistan’s kicks off on September 11, except for the northern Dashoguz region, where the harvest will start a week later, on September 18, due to its climate. The...
Integrated selection work for cultivation of new species of wheat is continued on the base of Agricultural Scientific and Production centre of Turkmen Agricultural Institute (Dashoguz). The world...
About 12,000 tons of potato have been harvested in the Dashoguz Velayat as of today that is almost a quarter of the annual target. The leader on potato production in the region - Gurbansoltan-eje...

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